Santa Fe River and Watershed Improvement History


Contact Information:

Zoe Isaacson
Acting River and Watershed Manager

Stormwater Office

David Pike 
Stormwater Officer 

Michelle Gutierrez
Project Specialist


Current and Ongoing Projects:






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Stormwater Management Data Resources:

Santa Fe River and Arroyo de Los Chamisos Modeling Report (Modeling Report Final 7/26/2018) 

NM Department of Transportation Drainage Design Manual (July 2018)

Download the Stormwater Management Model (SWMM)  

Stormwater Management Model User's Manual Version 5.1

Download - Loading Simulation Program in C++ (LSPC) 

Loading Simulation Program in C++ (LSPC) User's Manual Version 3.1

Click here to download the City of Santa Fe GIS Data for Modeling

Mapped storm drain Inlets (Part 1) 

Mapped storm drain Inlets (Part 2)