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PROW Transition Plan GIS Map

The 1992 City Transition Plan guided the implementation of regulations that provided civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, and municipal services and programs.  The Transition Plan also identified modifications needed at City facilities to make them accessible and guided the implementation of the modifications.  The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that every public entity re-evaluate its current programs, services, and policies to determine whether they are in compliance with Title II regulations.

In 2011 the City awarded a contract to Sally Swanson Architects to update the Transition Plan.  The update included barrier assessment surveys of City-owned buildings, parks, and public rights-of-way that lead to City facilities.  Sally Swanson Architects also conducted a Self-Evaluation with City staff relating to the needs of persons with disabilities in service situations at all City programs and services.

In 2016 the City awarded a contract to the KFH Group to update the ADA Transition Plan for the Public Right of Way (PROW) which was completed in September 2017. The report can be found below and the GIS Map link above reflects the survey done in 2016/2017.

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Review Plan

Copies of the Plan Section I & II, excluding the Section III 1500-page Barrier Assessment Survey, are available for review online here or at:

Santa Fe Public Library
145 Washington Avenue

Oliver La Farge Branch Library
1730 Llano Street

Southside Branch Library
6599 Jaguar Drive