Rental Housing

Santa Fe has over 2,000 units of affordable rental housing serving families, the elderly, and those with disabilities. The projects are funded through low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), various HUD housing programs (Section 8, Section 811, Section 202), and public housing funds. Despite the recession, the current production of multi-family units in Santa Fe has continued because of innovative uses of development funds and productive partnerships between governmental, private-sector, and nonprofit organizations.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties (LIHTC). By far the most widely used funding source to provide multi-family housing, LIHTC-funded projects provide 1760 units in Santa Fe. The properties are affordable to residents earning from 40 – 80 percent of the AMI, with most projects serving residents making 60 – 65 percent of the AMI. Several properties use LIHTC funds in conjunction with other funding sources to serve diverse needs and income levels. Other sources include the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, HOME funds, CDBG, Section 202, and private funds.

Click Here for a complete list of affordable rental properties in Santa Fe.

To find out about eligibility or availability, contact the apartment complexes directly.


Rental Assistance Vouchers

The most widely used rental vouchers in Santa Fe are Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8) provided through the two area housing authorities.

Housing Authorities are not part of the City of Santa Fe. Contact the housing authorities directly to apply for the waiting list and to determine your eligibility.


Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority

The City of Santa Fe does not have oversight of the Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority

664 Alta Vista St


The Santa Fe County Housing Authority

52 Camino de Jacobo

Visit Santa Fe County Housing Authority

Both agencies manage housing facilities and administer Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8). You must have established residency in Santa Fe to qualify for their services, and contact them DIRECTLY to find out how to get on the waiting list.


Other Rental Assistance 

Another form of rental assistance is provided through HUD’s Shelter Plus Care program. Tenants must have verified disabilities and earn no more than 30% AMI for their household. (City AMI Table) Shelter Plus Care rental vouchers are administered on a project basis or directly to tenants to use at privately owned scattered sites.

For several years, the Housing Trust has administered vouchers to people with AIDS. It allocates project-based vouchers for its newly constructed subsidized rental projects, the Village Sage and the Stagecoach Apartments. Life Link uses vouchers to subsidize rents at La Luz and administer them to its clients who can live off-site. Another Shelter Plus Care grant, initiated in 2012, is administered by St. Elizabeth at its Siringo Senior Housing site.

Contact Life Link or the Housing Trust for information about applying for assistance and eligibility.