Shelter/Emergency Housing

People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Santa Fe are comprised of the chronically homeless, families experiencing temporary or reoccurring homeless, veterans, youth, and those with special needs (mental, and physical disabilities, substance abuse, etc.). Because of this diversity of needs, the City of Santa Fe and its nonprofit and governmental partners employ a multi-faceted approach to addressing homelessness. The ultimate goal is to help people obtain permanent housing, the services they need to maintain their housing situation, and follow-up services.

The following programs provide the city’s main services for the homeless:

St. Elizabeth - St. Elizabeth provides 28 year-round emergency shelter beds for men at its main facility, in addition to a library, TV room, laundry, showers, and some case management. The organization also offers longer-term and transitional shelter options. Casa Familia offers five family rooms, with 16 additional dormitory beds reserved for women, in addition to supportive services.  Casa Familia can house up to 30 people per night. Casa Cerrillos contains 28 efficiency apartments for longer-term residency for people with physical, mental, and co-occurring substance-abuse issues. Sonrisa Family Shelter offers eight apartments where families can stay for up to two years while they stabilize their finances and find permanent housing.

Interfaith Shelter - Several faith-based organizations support a seasonal shelter from November to May. The shelter offers meals, showers, and laundry, in addition to beds and also some case-management services. The ROC is open two days per week, serves 120 to 140 people per day, and offers more intensive case management and legal services.

Life Link - Established in 1987 in a motel, Life Link has evolved into a highly effective mental health center. At La Luz, 24 transitional apartment units are provided to people with mental illness and other co-occurring disorders. The facility also offers extensive outpatient treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, homeless prevention, rental assistance, peer support services, and onsite healthcare screening. Additionally, an offsite facility called Casa Milagro offers permanent housing for 12 individuals.

Esperanza -  Esperanza is a full-service organization offering counseling, case management, and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence. The organization operates a shelter that can house up to 42 people, as well as 21 beds of transitional housing to allow clients to establish independence while still receiving supportive services. The organization also offers comprehensive nonresidential counseling services.

Youth Shelters - On any given night, the organization estimates that 100 youths may be homeless on the streets of Santa Fe. Services are provided to homeless, runaway, and in-crisis youth and their families including street outreach, emergency shelter, transitional living, and counseling. Special initiatives are the Pregnant and Parenting Project, including referrals, case management, parenting skills, and donated items, and the Workforce Development Initiative, which helps youth with job readiness skills. Youth can stay at the emergency shelter for up to 30 days and in the transitional, apartment-style living program for 18 months.