Youth and Family Services division

The Youth and Family Services (YFS) Division oversees multiple boards, committees, and commissions as well as City of Santa Fe special projects. 


Committees, Commissions and Boards the YFSD Oversee:

Children and Youth Commission

The city, through the Children and Youth Commission, improves the lives of Santa Fe children by providing funding and support for local non-profit organizations and public school programs that work for kids.  The Commission celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2009-2010.They are one of tweny continuum sites state wide.  All of the sites are funded through the State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJPD).

Human Services Committee

The Human Services Section funding is designated to create a "safety net" of services to meet the essential health and human service needs of the residents of Santa Fe.  These needs include access to basic material goods and services such as primary health care, food and shelter, mental health counseling and crisis services, available financial resources, it is expected that agencies will receive ongoing funding as long as they contribute to the "safety net" as currently defined.

Mayors Youth Advisory Board

The role of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Board is to advise the Mayor and the member of the City Council on youth issues.  We serve to represent and convey the views of the youth of Santa Fe to the city government and organizations.  Current projects include community service, supporting events, and youth participatory budgeting for city captial dollars.

Immigration Committee

This committee is dedicated to addressing the human rights status of non-citizens in the city of Santa Fe.  The committee membership consists of 9 representatives residing in the county of Santa Fe and selected from the following areas: Human Rights, Social Services, Business Community, Health Care, Labor Organizations, Religious Community, Youth Service Providers, Women's Advocacy Groups, Educators and Legal Services.

Veterans Advisory Board

In recognition of the service of veterans and in an effort to meet the needs of veterans in this community, the Santa Fe City Council by unanimous vote approved resolution 2015-18 to create a Veterans’ Advisory Board to advise the Governing Body on veteran affairs and streamline Santa Fe’s veteran services.

Womens Commission

The Santa Fe Women’s Commission was established to identify opportunities to improve City of Santa Fe programs and policies and to strengthen the quality of life of women and girls in Santa Fe so that they can thrive, personally and professionally.


Afterschool and Summer Programming:


The City of Santa Fe Recreation Division is overseeing all youth direct service programming. Please contact Melissa Bustos  at 955-4005 or visit for updates and information.





Julie Sanchez
Division Director
Youth and Family Services Division

Christa Hernandez
Youth and Family Services Program Manager
Youth and Family Services Division

Michelle Gurule
Project Specialist
Youth and Family Services Division

Anna Cale Pendas
Youth and Family Services Program Manager
Youth and Family Services Division

Melissa Perea
Contract Administrator
Youth and Family Services Division

Project Adminstrator
Youth and Family Services Division

Project Adminstrator
Youth and Family Services Division