The agreements listed on this page are set up to allow the city to obtain the goods and services it needs in the most efficient way. These agreements have been established by following the Procurement Code and the City’s Purchasing Manual. Central Purchasing Division (CPD) oversees citywide agreements for use by departments in Santa Fe. Citywide agreements function as a form of Leveraged Procurement Agreement (LPA), serving as a key procurement mechanism to maximize the city's purchasing influence. The primary purpose of citywide agreements is to minimize the necessity for individual departments to engage in repetitive bidding processes for similar goods and services. These agreements are formulated based on the specific business requirements of Santa Fe departments, following competitive bidding procedures or cooperative procurements. 

Click here to view the Citywide Price Agreement with Safeware, Inc. for Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Equipment and Solutions via OMINIA Master Agreement Number 159469

Procurement Number Description Commodity Begin Date Expiration Date # of Awarded Vendors
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