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Travis Dutton-Leyda
Chief Procurement Officer

JoAnn D. Lovato Montaño
Contracts Supervisor
CPO Certified

Raymond ‘Scott’ Gunter
Procurement Manager
CPO Certified

Jimmy Tapia
Senior Procurement Analyst
CPO Certified

Kristy A. Miera 
Procurement Analyst
CPO Certified

Kathy Sanchez
CPO Certified 

The City of Santa Fe is now live with a new addition to our Vendor Self-Serve procurement portal. We are now processing our Emergencies, Invitations to Bid, Request for Application, Request for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, and Sole Sources electronically. Please help us make this transition a success and prevent your company from missing potential business opportunities by updating your vendor account.

For instructions on how to update your vendor profile in English, click here, and in Spanish, click here. 

Welcome to the City of Santa Fe Central Purchasing Division

Click Here for Munis Vendor Self-Service to manage your profile and for Active Solicitations (Emergencies, Invitations to Bid, Requests for Applications, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, Sole Sources).

Click Here to download information about Vendor Self-Service Registration.

Click Here Commodity codes list - commodity codes are to be used as a reference to purchases of all services, professional services, construction and items of tangible personal property. It is the vendor's responsibility to select any and all the codes remotely close to the products and services they provide.

Click Here for City of Santa Fe Active Contracts.

Click Here for the State of New Mexico Price Agreements (the City of Santa Fe may use them).

Click Here for the 2020 Procurement Manual