The Archaeological Review Committee (ARC) is a technical review committee that makes decisions on the compliance of archaeological studies performed within the City's limits. There are three archaeological review districts. 

The purpose of these districts (per 14-5.3) is to:

  1. Recognize the value of archaeological resources from all periods of history and prehistory, including prehistoric Native American settlements, Spanish colonization and settlement, and settlement, and developments under Mexican and American governments;
  2. Provide the means for identifying archaeological sites by requiring surveys and test excavations, depending on the district, through the development review and construction permit process;
  3. Provide the means by which archaeological sites may be evaluated for their potential contribution to cultural, educational, historic, economic, and scientific concerns;
  4. Establish a procedure for the treatment of archaeological resources on private and public land, thereby mitigating the information loss from the sometimes unavoidable destruction of archaeological resources and providing for the treatment of those resources that can be preserved; and
  5. Provide methods for the emergency treatment of archaeological resources found through unexpected discovery.

For Archaeological Review Districts, go to the GIS map and navigate to the layers and turn on the 'Archaeological Review Districts' layer. The ARC meets every first Thursday of the month except for holiday weeks. The fee for the application is $100.00. 


2022 ARC Hearing Schedule

ARC Application 

List of Approved Archaeologists and Historians


Applicable Codes

14-5.3 - Archaeological Review Districts

14-3.13 Archaeological Clearance

Historic Downtown Archaeological Review District - 14-3.13(B)(1), 14-3.13(B)(4)(a), 14-3.13(C)(4)

River and Trails Archaeological Review District - 14-3.13(B)(2), 14-3.13(B)(4)(b), 14-3.13(C)(5)

Suburban Archaeological Review District - 14-3.13(B)(3), 14-3.13(B)(4)(b), 14-3.13(C)(5)

Santa Fe Trail - 14-3.13(C)(6)

Utility Mains - 14-3.13(B)(4), 14-3.13(C)(5)

Qualifications for Archaeologists, Historical Archaeologists, and Historians -14-2.7(E)(2)&(3)


ARC Liaison

Carly Piccarello, HPD Manager


Committee Members Representation
David C. Eck (Chair)          Archaeologist
Derek R. Pierce (Vice Chair) Archaeologist
Cortney Wands Archaeologist
James Edward Ivey Historian
Dale Zinn Business Owner


Communication With Archaeological Review Committee members

Archaeological Review Committee meetings regarding land use development applications are quasi-judicial public hearings. It is prohibited by law to discuss or communicate in writing or by e-mail with ARC members regarding pending land use development applications prior to an ARC hearing. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend ARC hearings to speak about their thoughts or concerns about a specific development application. The public can also submit written comments for consideration by the ARC. Written comments must be submitted to Historic Preservation Division staff, not to ARC members directly. Send written comments to the City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division, P.O. Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504-0909.