The Historic Districts Review Board (HDRB) is a review board that makes decisions on compliance with the Historic Districts Ordinance in order to continue the existence and preservation of historical areas and buildings. It is also responsible for the continued construction of buildings in the historic styles and promotes general harmony as to style, form, color, height, proportion, texture, and material between buildings of historic design and those of more modern design. 

There are five historic districts. For maps of the Historic Districts and individual building status*, go to the GIS map and navigate to the layers and turn on the 'Historic Districts' and 'Historic Buildings Status' layers. 

The HDRB meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month except for holiday weeks.  

Applicants whose projects cannot be administratively approved will work with one of the HPD Senior Planners to present a case for approval by the HDRB. Please refer to the Historic Preservation Division Procedures for more information on the process.


2024 HDRB Hearing Schedule

2023 HDRB Hearing Schedule

Historic Districts Application

HDRB Required Materials

Preliminary Zoning Review (PZR)

PZR Instructions


Board Members Representation
Cecilia Rios (Chair) Historic Districts Business
Anthony Guida (Vice-Chair) Architect
Madeleine Aguilar Medrano Construction Industry
Flynn Larson Historian
Jennifer Biedscheid At-Large
John Bienvenu At-Large


Communication With Historic Districts Review Board Members

Historic Districts Review Board meetings regarding land use development applications are quasi-judicial public hearings. The law prohibits discussing or communicating in writing or by e-mail with HDRB members regarding pending land use development applications before an HDRB hearing. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend HDRB hearings to speak about their thoughts or concerns about a specific development application. The public can also submit written comments for consideration by the HDRB. Written comments must be submitted directly to Historic Preservation Division staff, not to HDRB members. Upload written comments to the respective meeting in PrimeGov

*Historic building status on GIS Maps is actively being updated. Please check with the staff to verify.

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  • Application Form 
  • Preliminary Zoning Review Worksheet
  • Proposal Letter
  • Photographs
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Complete Existing and Proposed Site Plan
  • Complete Existing and Proposed Floor Plans
  • Complete Existing and Proposed Elevations

Complete Site Plan: Example

Site Plan Example


Complete Existing and Proposed Floor Plans: Example

Floor Plan Existing Proposed Example


Complete Existing and Proposed Elevations: Example

Elevations Existing Proposed Example