The members of the Traffic Unit are committed to ensuring the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians within the City of Santa Fe. We accomplish this through community partnership, public education, thorough investigations, and the proactive enforcement of violations in a fair, consistent, and courteous manner.

Traffic Motor Unit

The Santa Fe Police Traffic Unit consists of a Sergeant, four full-time Motorcycle Traffic Officers, three auxiliary Motorcycle Officers, six auxiliary crash reconstructionists investigators, and nine Public Safety Aides. The Units primary responsibility is responding to and investigating motor vehicle crashes and conducting proactive traffic law enforcement.

An additional primary function of the Traffic Unit is special events. From Zozobra and Fiestas to parades and 5k runs, the men and women of the Traffic Unit are there to make sure the participants of those events stay safe. Our Traffic Team members are highly trained in escort procedures and traffic control.


Public Safety Aide & Police Service Aide

Our Public Safety Aides work alongside the Traffic Officers during crash investigations and special events. They also often assist with traffic enforcement operations. When not doing that, they are usually found assisting the citizens of Santa Fe with traffic-related issues such as flat tires and stalled vehicles. The Public Safety Aides are instrumental in operating our Traffic Calming program. This includes conducting traffic behavior surveys and placing electronic traffic monitoring equipment and radar devices.

Bike Unit

The Santa Fe Police Department Bike Patrol Unit is a specialty unit that primarily utilizes specially designed bicycles to allow for patrolling under unique circumstances.

Special Functions: The Bike Patrol Unit is used in parades, high crime areas, routine patrol, special events, bike paths, parks, criminal law enforcement, bike rodeos, and bike safety education.

Goals: The goal of the Bike Patrol Unit is to create a balance between community policing and proactive Law Enforcement to create a safe environment for our tourists and the local community. Using the bicycle is a great tool to interact with the community positively, but it also is very effective in crime reduction. As the Sergeant of the Bike Patrol unit, it is my goal to expand the education of bike safety to children and adults and be more approachable to all citizens.”

Training:  Each member of the Santa Fe Police Department Bike Patrol Unit must complete a 40-hour bike school certified by IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association). Santa Fe Police officers learn about low and high-speed biking, road hazards, obstacle clearing, avoiding common crashes, and making rolling apprehensions. On any given day, bike officers may ride an average of 15 to 40 miles.

Safety:  Each member of the Santa Fe Police Department Bike Patrol Unit is equipped with all necessary safety equipment. This includes but is not limited to bike helmets, front and rear lights, bells, sirens, and pedal retention devices. Santa Fe Police Department, Bike Patrol Officers, practice the ABC Quick-Check before hitting the road.

A– Air: tire pressure up? (Look for the correct pressure on the side of the tire)

B – Brakes: firm grip, secure pads?

C – Crank: turning smoothly?

Any person learning to ride a bicycle can use these same steps.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings and wear your helmet while riding.


Oversized Load Permits 

Oversized Load Permits


Support Operations

Captain Thomas J. Grundler

Lieutenant Amanda Montaño


Bike Unit

Sergeant John DeBaca


Traffic Unit

Sergeant James Plummer


DWI Unit

Sergeant John Garcia


Animal Services Unit

Supervisor Ken Lowrie