The Police Community Relations/Crime Prevention Unit (PCR) unit is responsible for several projects around the City of Santa Fe in police and community projects and crime prevention. Among the required duties, PCR conducts administrative duties, fingerprinting, and prisoner transports. The PCR augments patrol duties with calls for service, school zone patrols, and school campus problems such as bomb scares and students who have threatened assaults on schools.  

The PCR unit was successful in raising $1,000 for Special Olympics, providing 88 holiday gift baskets to local indigent families, and allowing 96 children the luxury to do their Christmas shopping with a police officer in the "Shop With a Cop" program which provided each child with a $50 gift card. All monies raised are from local businesses and community donations.

Community Activities

Below is a short list of the Community Activities that PCR was responsible for this year:

  • Operation Family Day for Corrections: Child Outreach program
  • Operation Community Day on the Plaza: Neighborhood Watch incentive
  • Operation Car Show: Fundraiser for Law Enforcement Torch Run
  • Operation Public Safety Day: City-wide Health and Family Day
  • Operation Santa Fe Cruisers on the Plaza: Community Outreach
  • Operation Blood Drive: In coordination with United Blood Services
  • Operation ID: Engraving and documenting personal items
  • Operation National Night Out: Community Watch
  • Operation State Fair: Unity in Profession
  • Operation Re: Mike: St Michael's Drive Community revitalization
  • Operation Haunted House: $1500 donated for Gift Basket Program
  • Operation Canyon Road: Community assistance for Farolito Walk
  • Operation Holiday Patrol: Anti-Theft and Security for Holiday Season


In addition to the major program facilitated by Police Community Relations/Crime Prevention Unit (PCR), they also contributed to the following:

  • Career Day Programs – PCR personnel instruct students at several public and private schools in the Santa Fe School District about career opportunities in law enforcement.
  • Home/Business Security Surveys – Documented home/business security surveys can be conducted to evaluate the safety and security of citizen residences/businesses upon request.
  • National DrugTake Back Program – PCR collects unwanted drugs in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Sergeant Blake Byford
Crime Prevention Supervisor

Erica Montoya
Police Community Relations Officer