Nichols Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation 23/40/B | City of Santa Fe
Bid Number: 23/40/B
Status: Open
Open Date: 04/19/2023 Close Date: 06/13/2023 2:00pm

Project Manager

Engineer - Public Utilities 505-955-4231

Proposal Submission Information

Bids are to be submitted by uploading to the following link:


The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of the dam and pressurize the conduit to deliver water to the Canyon Road Water Treatment Plant (CRWTP). Refer to the Scope of Work in the attached Contract for details.

The Scope of Work is comprised of, but not limited to, the following, and Bidder must review Construction Drawings and Specifications for more detail. Drawings and specifications are determined to be confidential and will not be released, and a site visit will not be permitted without an executed Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). Those pre-bid conference attendees anticipating a bid submission must have a person authorized to sign on behalf of their firm present at the pre-bid conference to sign the NDA.

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