The Citizens Academy is a form of training for interested citizens sponsored by the Police Department. It is attended by citizens who are interested in learning more about how their Police Department operates and the policing challenges that face our community. The purpose of the program is to develop a positive relationship between the police and the community through education in the areas of:

  • History of the City, County, and State Police Departments 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Traffic Investigations
  • Prison and Street Gangs
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • K-9 Operations
  • Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Operations 
  • Internet Crimes
  • Use of Force and Decisional Shooting   
  • Police Driving  

Former Police Officer Louie Montoya formed the Citizens Police Academy Alumni with students that have completed this twelve-week course. The Alumni members have graduated from the Citizens Academy and assist with police department functions and fundraisers. The alumni assist with the maintenance and continued success of the Citizens Police Academy and have contributed to numerous community events and fundraising activities, which have reflected positively on the Police Department. 

Citizens Academy Liaison

Officer Erica Montoya
Santa Fe Police Department