When is a property required to connect to the City's public sewer system?

Connection to the City of Santa Fe sanitary sewer system is mandatory when the property is in the City limits and is being developed or improved and is accessible to the City sanitary sewer system.  Accessible to the City sanitary sewer system means a property: (1) which abuts or is within two hundred feet (200’) of the City sewer system or is within two hundred feet (200’) of the boundaries of a public street or sanitary sewer utility easement which contains the City sanitary system; and (2) which may physically connect to the City sewer by means of either a gravity or pressure sewer line. Prior to making such a connection, owners and developers of such property shall obtain information from the Wastewater Division (955-4650) concerning specifications, procedures, and requirements.

What part of the sewer service line is coming from my house or property and connecting to the City sewer line am I responsible for when preventative or corrective maintenance of the sewer service line is required?

All work for the purposes of preventative or corrective maintenance of the sewer service line coming from the house or property up to and including the connection to the City sewer line shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of the property receiving sewer service.  All preventative or corrective maintenance work on these service lines shall be performed by a licensed plumber and in accordance with the City ordinances including permits for excavation within the public right of way.

How much does it cost to replace my sewer service line?

Contact licensed plumbers and request written price quotes. Make sure that the price includes all permit fee costs and all the other items to complete the work. It is suggested that the plumber actually conducts a site visit in order to give a comprehensive review of site-specific requirements.

For example, a service line in a dirt road will cost less than in a paved street. There are many other factors that the plumber must consider in providing an accurate price quote. Get as many price quotes as possible. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer service line up to and including the connection to the public mainline. It is noted that the plumber is required to obtain a street-cut permit from the City's Streets Division if the work is being done in the City's right of way. The plumber is also required to obtain a secondary sewer permit from the City's Planning and Land Use Department.

Who is responsible for storm drains?

Stormwater Hotline (505) 955-2133 Michelle Gutierrez or David Pike (505) 955-2134

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Annual Report. Click here MS4 Annual Report 2012-2013

Whom do I ask about questions that I have concerning my sewer bill?

The Utility Billing Division handles all sewer accounts and can respond to all billing-related questions. (505) 955-4333

I haven’t been receiving my utility bill. Who should I speak to?

Call (505) 955-4333.

To whom do I report a water leak?

Utility Billing at (505) 955-4333 and select the water leak/main break option.

What is the number for Waste Management?

(505) 473-0982.   This is a trash pickup for residents that live in Santa Fe County.

What is the number for Environment Services (solid waste, trash, recycling)?

(505) 955-2200