Water Working For You

The City of Santa Fe Water is constantly analyzing, maintaining, and updating our equipment and infrastructure to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for our needs today and for future generations. This includes frequent maintenance and upgrades to over 600 miles of pipe, 20 wells, two water treatment plants, and two reservoirs and dams that are integral to delivering the clean water you rely on daily. We also strategically plan the clearing of brush and debris within our watershed to reduce the risk of a wildfire that could affect water quality.


Water System Improvement Projects

Proactive, regular maintenance keeps our infrastructure and equipment operating reliably and at peak performance. An asset management plan dictates the timing and planning of individual projects to maintain (or improve) the water system. Asset management helps us determine which projects are most critical—or will be in the future—so that we can efficiently use our budget and keep the system running smoothly.

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Long-Range Water Supply Planning

We understand the importance of strategically planning for our future water needs and use the most up-to-date science, demand predictions, and climate change data to ensure that water supplies are available and sustainable for all our needs for decades to come. Water resource management provides a framework for ensuring enough water supplies for all the needs in our community while considering the potential impacts of climate change and population growth.

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