Vector Airport Systems - Landing Fee Application | City of Santa Fe
Bid Number: 40-M0087-23-CP458
Status: Open
Open Date: 11/02/2023 Close Date: 12/03/2023 11:00am

Project Manager
James Harris

James Harris Airport Manager Office: 505-955-2901 Cell: 505-479-2208 Email:

Proposal Submission Information

None - this is a Sole Source


Vector’s PlanePass is the only software capable of providing real-time automatic flight tracking and landing and parking fee billing for aircraft. The software uses ADS-B data to track incoming aircraft, bill them for each landing and takeoff, and track how long the aircraft was parked at the airport. Once a bill has been established, Vector sends a bill to the aircraft owner/operator, collects the fees, and pass the fees to the City.

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