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Christa Hernandez
Youth and Family Services Program Manager

The Human Services Committee was formed by Resolution in 1987 and is charged by the City of Santa Fe Ordinance (2016) with advising and recommending health and human service policies, assessing and advocating for human service needs, coordinating resources to maximize cost-effectiveness, evaluating local human service programs, providing technical assistance to programs, and making funding recommendations to the City Council to support nonprofit organizations that provide and maintain a safety net of services to meet the essential health and human service needs of the adult residents ages 18+ of Santa Fe. 

The Committee receives two percent (2%) of the gross receipts tax and administers funding through the Human Services Fund to local nonprofits on a two-year funding cycle at approximately $800,000+ annually (funding amount varies due to GRT fluctuations).  The Committee works in partnership with the City liaison and the Youth and Family Services Division staff to provide advice on ways to effectively plan, coordinate, and support health and human service efforts in the Santa Fe community and present a plan to the governing body for approval. 


HSC Strategic Plan

The Human Services Committee is pleased to present its annual Strategic Plan for 2018-2019 which reflects key decisions made in the annual strategic planning session held in the fall of 2018, as well as builds upon the planning efforts of the 2017 Human Services Committee. In 2015-2016, the Human Services Committee used the Results-based Accountability methodology to develop a strategic framework that identifies funding priorities.  The Human Services Committee gathered information on critical community needs and issues identified through data, needs assessments, and information gathering.  The result of the Committee’s work in 2016 was the development of the Human Services Committee Ends Framework, which was revised in 2018.  The Ends Framework outlines the desired results or outcomes proposed in the following four priority areas:

  1. Adult Health
  2. Behavioral Health
  3. Community Safety
  4. Equitable Society

The 2021 Human Services Committee Strategic Action Plan expands on the previous plans and continues to build the strategic framework for bringing impact to the Santa Fe community.  Additionally, the HSC identified eight high-priority goals for the Committee to pursue during the next fiscal year.  

2021 HSC STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN              


HSC Grants

The Small Grant Fund Opportunity will reopen in the summer/fall of 2024.


Human Services Grantee List FY23-26

Coming Home Connection

Esperanza Shelter

Fathers New Mexico

Interfaith Shelter

Kitchen Angels

La Familia Medical Center

Las Cumbres Community Services

The Lifelink

Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe

New Mexico Immigrant Law Center

Santa Fe Dreamers Project

Solace Crisis Treatment Center

St. Elizabeth Shelter

The Birthing Tree Fund

The Food Depot