The following checklists are provided to assist citizens with the preparation and submittal of their construction permit applications.


New Residential Dwellings (Including Guesthouses)

Multi Purpose ( Remodels, Additions, Studios, Garages, Sheds, etc.)

Manufactured Home Placement

Santa Fe Building Permit App 11-2019


New Commercial Buildings (Incl. Multi-Family Residential)

Commercial Building Remodels/Additions

Sign Construction

Santa Fe Building Permit App 11-2019


Photovoltaic Systems (Roof-Mounted) 

Photovoltaic Systems (Ground- or Awning-Mounted)


Re-Roof (Commercial & Residential)

Wall & Fence Construction

Rain Water Harvesting System



The construction of sidewalks, drivepads, and ramps must comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The advisory bulletin below is intended to help permit applicants understand how the ADA will be applied to their proposed construction project.

Purpose of the Accessibility Analysis Disproportionality Worksheet:

The City of Santa Fe is obligated to enforce state laws and codes as they pertain to accessibility.  When existing buildings are altered, accessibility improvements outside the intended project scope are often required.  The International Existing Building Code (IEBC), adopted by the State of New Mexico, limits the cost of those required accessibility improvements to 20% of the cost of alterations affecting the primary function area.  

     ADA Advisory Bulletin

     ADA Disproportionality Worksheet

Other Forms

The construction of certain types of residential "accessory" structures such as "accessory dwelling units" (guesthouses) and non-dwelling accessory structures that have either a bathroom or kitchen but not both (such as a Studio) require the submittal of a restrictive covenant or an affidavit acknowledging the restrictions of their use.   

Construction carried out by a Homeowner Builder requires an affidavit acknowledging permit responsibilities and liabilities.

A Revision Form is required for submittal of corrections to plans currently in for review and that require corrections.

An Amendment Form is required for submittal of changes to issued permit documents.

Along with your submittal package, please include the appropriate completed form(s) provided here:

Accessory Structure (Studio) Affidavit

    Homeowner Builder Affidavit                                         Homeowner Builder Affidavit FAQ's     

Please contact the Building Permit Division with any questions about required submittals