Early Neighborhood Notification

The City of Santa Fe's Early Neighborhood Notification (ENN) process is intended to provide for an exchange of information between those proposing developments and nearby residents and property owners in affected neighborhoods before the plans for a proposed development become too firm to respond meaningfully to community input and before changes to a proposed development might cause major financial losses to a development applicant.

ENN procedures are required for many different types of development projects proposed by the private sector and for certain capital improvement projects proposed by the City. ENN requirements include mailed notices, posting of the property in question, and an ENN meeting where the applicant presents preliminary plans for a proposed development project to those in attendance. ENN meetings are required to occur before an applicant submits an application to the City for a proposed development. All development projects for which an ENN meeting is required will require at least one public hearing before a land use commission or board. Click here for the ENN Packet.

Upcoming ENN Meetings

ENNs are conducted online and scheduled Monday – Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm. ENNs must be held at least ten days before an application is submitted.

For questions regarding a proposed development or to schedule an ENN, or you would like to contact the assigned Current Planning Division Planner, please contact planning@santafenm.gov