Neighborhood Associations in Santa Fe

The Current Planning Division maintains a list of registered neighborhood and homeowner's associations in Santa Fe, including their elected officers and contact information. To obtain this information, email Daniel Alvarado at his contact information below:

A neighborhood association must be registered with the City of Santa Fe to be officially designated and recognized by the City. It is important for associations to contact the City when association information changes. To register your neighborhood association or update your association's information, please review the Neighborhood Association Requirements and submit the Neighborhood Association Registration Form to Daniel Alvarado - Land Use Planner Senior -

Click here to view a map of Neighborhood Associations in Santa Fe.


Neighborhood Watch

The Santa Fe Police Department Police Community Relations (PCR) would like to assist you in starting or revitalizing a Neighborhood Watch.

For additional information, contact Officer Juda Montano at 505-955-5255 or


Neighborhood Watch/Business Watch Programs

Crime Prevention Officers work to maintain, revitalize, and create new Neighborhood, Business, and City-wide Watch programs. 

The Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to train members of neighborhoods on how to better secure their homes, get to know one another, and organize themselves in teams to "watch" their communities for possible criminal activity. Citizens are trained on how to report crime and receive prevention tips/information from the police. Neighborhood Watch meetings are held by Block Captains. Block Captains are usually chosen by the Neighborhood Watch members in each area based on their availability to communicate with police and the members of their watch. They are usually in charge of the neighborhood when it comes to coordination of efforts, with the assistance of the police. A City-wide Neighborhood Watch Block Captains meeting will be held once every 30 days.

In 2011, there were 60 documented Neighborhood Watch programs. In 2012, there were 75 watches or renewed organizations, a growth of 15. A total of 252 contacts in the community watch program subscribe to NIXLE and keep in contact with police through crime watch posts and email. This year 62 meetings were held, with over 4000 citizens attending.

Visit, a private social network for you, your neighbors, and your community:

Business Watch is a program that continues to grow in 2012. It is designed to promote a safe and friendly environment for Santa Fe businesses, employees, and citizens. Officers Chavarria and Butler have conducted meetings to educate the business community about crime reporting and crime prevention techniques. We have found that business owners are very interested in partnering with the Police Department and other businesses to keep their businesses safe. This year 20 meetings were held, with approximately 276 persons attending.


For more information, contact:

Officer Gerald Lovato
Santa Fe Police Department