Documents may be submitted in the following ways.
US Postal Service – Mail to: Utility Billing Division, 801 W. San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Dropbox – Place documents in the drop box in the parking lot of the Utility Billing and Water Divisions office (801 W. San Mateo Rd)

NOTE: Incomplete, inaccurate, illegible, and or unsigned documents will not be accepted or processed.

Q: How do I start new service?

A: New Owners: New property owners must provide the Division a copy of the New Owner Account Transfer Form with a copy of their Warranty Deed, received from their title company on the day of closing. Property owners having made a direct purchase must provide a copy of their Settlement Statement.

Tenants: Tenants must provide a copy of the Release of Liability and Utility Services Application, which also requires the landlord. The copies of the following documents must be attached.

• A lease with a term of at least 6 months
• A government-issued photo ID (tenant)

NOTE: New commercial accounts must establish refuse service with the Environmental Services Division before an account can be transferred. Phone 505-955-2200 / Address 1142 Siler Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Q: Does the Utility Billing Division require a deposit to establish new services?

A: Tenants are required to pay a deposit. Deposits will be credited to the tenant’s final bill when the account is closed. Any remaining deposit will be refunded and mailed to the forwarding address provided if the amount is $5.00 or greater.

Q: How do I set up Direct Debit?

A: Customers may submit a Direct Debit Authorization form, with an attached a VOIDED check or deposit slip. This may be submitted online, by mailing it to Utility Billing Division, 801 W. San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM 87505, or placing it in the drop box (at 801 W. San Mateo)

Customers can also go to to set up an automatic payment with a Credit Card.

Q: How do I pay my bill? 

A: Customers can make their payment by:

  • Calling our free automated pay system at 505-955-6100
  • Using Paymentus online at
  • Mailing the payment to 801 W. San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM 87505
  • Dropping the payment in the drop box (in the parking lot) at 801 W. San Mateo

Q: Why doesn't the City of Santa Fe Water Division notify the customer when we have a water leak?

A: The Water Division’s Water Conservation Section tries to notify as many customers as possible. Customers can monitor their water consumption and set alerts if consumption is higher than their usual use by creating an EyeOnWater account. They can use their account with a phone, tablet, or computer. Contact the Water Conservation Section by phone or email. (505) 955-4225

Q: Why are there two rates for sewer? 

A: Sewer is billed with both a fixed charge and a variable charge. The variable charge is calculated using your average water use in December, January, and February.

If you have any questions regarding your City of Santa Fe Utility account please contact a Customer Service Representative at 505-955-4333.