The Santa Fe River Basin is a closed watershed that comprises the Santa Fe River and all contributing arroyos and the municipal stormwater system. As the river flows through the developed, urban environment, it receives most of the water that flows as snowmelt or stormwater runoff. The entire watershed covers about 285 square miles; everything within the area flows to and is a part of the river system.

In April of 2007, the Santa Fe River was named America’s Most Endangered River by American Rivers, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group, and in June of that same year, the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance named the Santa Fe River as one of the state’s twelve most endangered places. With your help, we can continue our revitalization efforts to restore flows in the Santa Fe River, ensuring a living river for generations to come.

Your contributions to the Santa Fe River Fund will be used for projects that improve the flow of water in the Santa Fe River in ways that enhance the river’s ecosystems and riparian corridor.


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