Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) responds to large assemblies and demonstrations, whether unplanned or pre-planned. ERT also responds to large events, large-scale emergency situations, civil disturbances / civil unrest, riots, active shooters, and natural disasters. ERT may also be called to assist other special operation units within the department. 

The mission of the Santa Fe Police Department Emergency Response Team (ERT) is to support the department and other public safety entities with incidents that may exceed the capability of patrol personnel which requires the implementation of specific training and skillset. The ultimate goal of this application of advanced training and skillset is to preserve the peace and protect property while defending the constitutional and statutory rights of private citizens. Additionally, ERT strives to control, manage or resolve large-scale incidents in an attempt to minimize danger to officers, the public, and suspects while encouraging the peaceful expression of private citizens’ first amendment rights. 

The Santa Fe Police Department recognizes that a unit trained in the areas of advanced tactics and methods to resolve large-scale incidents if they were to devolve into a civil disturbance or present a threat to public safety, greatly reduce the risk of injury or death to officers, citizens, and suspects while encouraging the public to partake in large events, demonstrations or assemblies where the first amendment can be exercised peacefully and lawfully. ERT always maintains the overall goal of safeguarding public safety and protecting the rights and liberties of individual citizens.

Contact the Emergency Response Team

Sergeant Nick Chavez
ERT TeamCommander

Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)


The mission of the Santa Fe Police Department Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) team is to support the department and other public safety entities with mission planning, preventative care, and medical treatment rendered during mission-orientated, high-risk, large-scale, and extended law enforcement operations. TEMS Operators' scope of practice includes medical interventions that further the health and safety of all civilians and law enforcement personnel. In conjunction with police tactics, TEMS Operators can use this scope of practice to reduce the incidence of injury and illness associated with high-risk and conventional police operations. The overall goal of the TEMS team is mission accomplishment and life preservation.


Contact the Tactical Emergency Medical Support

Officer Zachary Ford
TEMS Commander