Crisis negotiation is a technique for law enforcement to communicate with people who are in a difficult situation (crisis) and who are threatening violence to themselves or others. They may become barricaded in a building or vehicle or take other people hostage. Persons in crisis include stalkers, mentally ill persons, suicidal people, terrorists, and violent people in the workplace.

The first Crisis or Hostage Negotiation teams were created from elements of the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams and were used primarily to stall the person in crisis until the SWAT team could be ready. Today, members of the Crisis Negotiation Team are considered a valuable link in saving the life of the person in crisis through the science of talking tactics. The teams are often used as part of a SWAT team but may be used independently.


SFPD Crisis Negotiation TeamThe Santa Fe Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) has ten members who train 20 hours each month on a variety of topics with other local agencies. The team is dedicated to service within Santa Fe but has been asked to assist in operations outside their jurisdiction. All assigned members are certified negotiators through the FBI, PSPG (Public Safety Psychology Group), PATC (Public Agency Training Council), and (IAHN) International Association of Hostage Negotiators. 

For More Information on Hostage/Crisis Negotiators, contact the International Association of Hostage Negotiators (IHAN) at

The Crisis Negotiation Team is dedicated to providing persons in crisis with a competent, professional, and nationally certified team of negotiators dedicated to the safe solution of volatile situations anywhere within the scope of their jurisdiction.


Sergeant Jesus Rodriguez