The City of Santa Fe requires all fire protection companies working in the city to have a valid Certificate of Fitness from the State of New Mexico Fire Marshal's Office. Please ask any fire protection company for their Certificate of Fitness before approving any work. 


To obtain a Certificate of Fitness, the fire protection company must complete an application process. During this process, the company has met the minimum requirements of the State of New Mex to obtain a Certificate of Fitnessico Fire Marshal's Office for the fire protection systems they install or service.

The companies must obtain a separate Certificate of Fitness for all the systems they install or service (i.e., fire alarms, sprinklers, hoods, and fire extinguishers). This Certificate of Fitness system ensures that the company doing the work adheres to the Fire Code and all other requirements.

Click here to download the New Mexico State Fire Marshal's Office Fire Code Enforcement Bureau 2023-2024 Certificate of Fitness List.

For further inquiries regarding obtaining a Certificate of Fitness, contact the State of New Mexico Fire Marshal's Office or call them at 505-476-0080.