Burn Permits And Fireworks

Open Burning

Open burning in the City of Santa Fe is generally prohibited except for religious/ceremonial fires that require a burn permit. There will be a $10.00 permit fee, except for registered non-profit organizations.

To obtain a burn permit, you may either print and submit a Burn Permit Application to the Fire Marshal or fill out the online form below a minimum of three days prior to the day of the burn

Paper applications may be submitted by:

City of Santa Fe Fire Department
Attn: Fire Marshal - Burn Permit
PO Box 909
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

E-mail: sffd_fmo@santafenm.gov



Please contact the Fire Prevention Office to request up-to-date information regarding Fireworks within the City of Santa Fe at 505-955-3310

To obtain a burn or a fireworks permit, you must submit the form below at least three days prior to the day of the burn and provide proof of payment. The applicant must provide the location, date, time, purpose of the burn, and means of extinguishing the fire.

To make a payment, contact the City of Santa Fe Cashiers Office at 505-955-6557 or via email at cashier@santafenm.gov


Burn Permit Application

If applicable.
i.e. fire extinguisher, hose at what distance from burn, etc.
Secondary contact, etc.
Application Fee

A $10 application fee and a copy of fee receipt is due at the time of form submission for the public. To make a payment, contact the Cashier's office at 505-955-6557. Non-Profit Organizations must only attach proof of nonprofit status at the time of form submission.
PDF or Image files are accepted.
I agree that this form may be executed and delivered by electronic signature and that the signature appearing on this form is the same as a handwritten one for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.