Plan reviews associated with land-use building permits

Plan Reviews range from complex development plans to simple residential additions.  During these reviews, Fire Inspectors confirm that the proposed construction is in compliance with International Fire Code (IFC) 2021. 


Deferred Submittal

When life safety equipment is required or proposed for a specific occupancy, a deferred submittal for that equipment is independently reviewed by the City of Santa Fe Fire Marshal’s Office (i.e., Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Suppression Hoods, and Scope of Work Submittals).  The Fire Inspectors also conduct deferred submittal plan reviews on any required or proposed fire-protection system. Inspectors must have extensive knowledge of the Fire Code and the National Fire Protection Association  (NFPA) codes & standards to perform the specialized plan reviews.

Additionally, the Fire Inspectors must confirm that the company that is designing and installing the fire protection system has a valid Certificate of Fitness with the State of New Mexico & minimum of a Professional Engineer Stamp.  Please provide proof of payment prior to the plan review by making payment to the city cashier’s office at 505-955-6557 or

Click here for instructions on deferred submittals. 


Deferred Plan Review Fees


Scope of work letter 


Residential automatic fire sprinkler system plans   


Commercial automatic fire sprinkler system plans  


Commercial automatic fire sprinkler system modification plans


Commercial fire alarm system plans


Commercial hood fire suppression system plans



Once your documents are submitted, please fill out the SFFD Plan Review Fees Invoice. Please bring your completed invoice to the cashier's office for payment. 

Click here to download the Plan Review Requirments PDF



Non-Dedicated Special Event Request Form

Requests must be submitted two weeks before the event.Your event request will be reviewed, and you may be contacted to discuss further arrangements and requirements. If a permit is required for your event, that is another process and can be set up through the City’s Land Use Office.
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