Contact the Short-Term Rental Office

505-955-HOME (4663)

Please allow up to 24 hours for responses. 


Monday through Friday, 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.

For non-emergency concerns, please call SFPD non-emergency/dispatch at 505-428-3710.

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New Short-Term Rental Permits

Short-term rental (STR) staff is available by phone at 505-955-4663 and email at

Applications for new short-term rental permits must be submitted using the City's online CitizSelf-Serviceice (CSS) portal, which is also available to process renewals.

Click Here to access CSS to create an account and process a new or renewed STR permit:


Short-Term Rental Types

The regulations identify three short-term rental units (STR types):

  1. Residential STR Permit - Short-term rental of all or part of a dwelling unit in residential zoning districts, such as houses, condos, and apartments.
  2. Residential STR Permit, Accessory Dwelling Unit - Dwelling units that are accessory structures located on the same lot as a principal dwelling unit or main house. To qualify for an STR permit, a property owner with an accessory dwelling unit must live in either the principal or the accessory unit. Accessory dwelling units are often called "casitas" or "granny flats."
  3. Non-Residential STR Registrations - Dwelling units in non-residential districts rented for less than 30 days. Lodging units issued building permits and business licenses, such as hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast inns, are not STRs. Non-residential units are exempt from the spacing requirements and 1,000-unit limit that apply to units in the other two categories.



New Permits - $100, a one-time non-refundable application processing fee.

Annual fee - $325 for the Short-Term rental permit and business license. This fee is due once initial inspections have been passed and again at renewal every year.

These fees are required for all short-term rental types. 


New Application Process 

You will be invoiced for the application processing fee once we have reviewed your application.


Step 1: Prepare the required documentation

Please make sure to include all of the required application materials, including:

  • Proof of ownership of the property - A copy of a current document showing proof of ownership. Documents such as a warranty deed, a Santa Fe County Notice of Taxes Due, or a Notice of Value are acceptable.
  • A site plan - an approximate to-scale drawing showing the location of all buildings and the required off-street parking spaces. One parking space is required for units with one bedroom, and two spaces are required for units with two or more bedrooms. For example, a condo project with five two-bedroom units would need at least ten parking spaces for any of the units to qualify for an STR permit. The parking spaces must meet city requirements, including a minimum size (8’-4" wide by 18' long). Fractional parking spaces do not meet the parking requirement.
  • A floor plan - An approximate to-scale drawing showing all bedrooms in the unit.
  • Proof of insurance - A copy of a document that shows that you have obtained liability and property damage insurance coverage for the rental use of the property to be permitted, such as the declarations page of a homeowner's policy.
  • CRS/GRT number - A New Mexico Combined Reporting System (CRS/GRT) number for reporting and paying gross receipts taxes. CRS/GRT numbers can be obtained online from the NM Department of Taxation and Revenue by applying for a New Mexico Business Tax ID. Click Here to visit the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department's website. 


Step 2: Initiate the online application process

All applications for new short-term rental permits must be completed online. Click Here to begin the application process using the City's Customer Self-Service portal. You will be guided through the required steps to create a user account, create a business profile, and complete an application for a short-term rental business license and permit:


Step 3: Complete and submit it application

Please complete and submit the online application. As part of that submittal process, a page will be displayed directing you to upload the required document submittals. 


Step 4: Staff screening of application

A Short-Term Rental staff member will screen your application for completeness and will contact you using the email address you indicated on your application if anything is missing. It may take several days for us to assign staff and complete a screening of your application submittals.


Step 5: Invoice 

When your application is complete, you will receive an invoice for the $100 initial application fee via email from, along with directions for paying online or by phone using a credit card.
We recommend that you do not mail your payment.

Once this invoice is paid, we have fifteen days to complete your short-term rental property inspection.


Step 6: Arrange for Short-Term Rental staff inspections

A Short-Term Rental staff member will contact you by email to arrange a date for an inspection of the property to verify compliance with parking and other requirements, including:

  • Adequate off-street parking.
  • Adequate emergency egress.
  • A five-pound or larger fire extinguisher mounted in a visible location or indicated by "Fire Extinguisher Inside" signage. One fire extinguisher per floor is required.
  • A metal ash can with a snug-fitting metal lid is used for properties with a wood-burning fire feature.
  • A smoke detector in each bedroom, plus one centrally located outside the bedrooms, and one on each level of a multi-level unit.
  • A carbon monoxide detector.
  • Pool and spa covers (if applicable)
  • All sink faucets must be aerated for low flow.
  • All commodes and other bath fixtures must be low flow.
  • No visible leaks in plumbing fixtures

A five-pound fire extinguisher looks like this. Note the distinctive hose:


Step 7: Pay the annual permit fee

When your application is complete, you will receive an invoice for the $100 initial application fee by email from, along with directions for paying online or by phone using a credit card. We do not recommend that you mail your payment. 

Once this invoice is paid, we have fifteen days to complete your short-term rental property inspection.


Step 8: Display the Permit/Registration

After the Short-Term Rental Permit/Registration fee has been paid, the permit/registration will be emailed to the address you indicated on your application. Please note: must have proof of the Short-Term rental permit/registration and business license available on the Short-Term rental property at all times.


Step 9: Public Notification and Mailing Requirements

You are required to mail a notice by first class mail to the office of any residential property within two hundred (200) feet of your Short-Term rental property within ten days from the date the Short-Term rental permit/registration is issued. 
You can reach out to Santa Fe's GIS office at 505-955-6490 or for help obtaining a list of neighbors within 200 feet of your property.  

The notice must contain the name and phone number of the owner/operator who will be available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week (24-7) to respond to complaints regarding the operation or occupancy of the short-term rental. 
Copies of all required mailing lists must be provided to the Short-Term Rental Office within ten days of the mailing date, along with an affirmation that you completed the mailing.

Failure to notify neighbors as described above is subject to penalties and prosecution pursuant to §14-6.2(A)(5)(f) SFCC 1987.