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Initiate New Commercial Service or Change Current Service

The City of Santa Fe provides many types of commercial refuse service during the 5-day work week using a variety of containers, including carts, rear-load, front-load, and roll-offs.

Commercial front-load service is also available on Saturdays. To request new service or changes to the current service, please call ESD Customer Service at 505-955-2200 or email A representative will assist you to determine service frequency and applicable fees.

Please review all Commercial Trash and Recycling Service Guidelines before applying for service. The Guidelines include provisions for enclosures, moving containers, bagged trash, prohibited and otherwise unacceptable materials, container cleaning, overloaded containers, dumpster repair, blocked containers and missed service.

Commercial Trash and Recycling Guidelines


Additional Information

  • Customer service requests shall include the size and type of container to be used as well as the frequency of service.
  • The specific site and enclosure for the placement of any refuse container shall be consistent with the standards specified by the City. Staff is available to provide assistance in determining the location and size/construction of the enclosure.
  • Enclosures and containers must be kept free of any blockage or obstruction.
  • Enclosures shall be used exclusively for the purpose of storing solid waste or recycling containers.
  • Locked enclosure gates shall be unlocked by the driver and/or customer by prior agreement on the day of service.
  • If a container or access to the container is blocked and the container cannot be emptied, a special service fee shall be assessed for a follow-up service visit.
  • During winter months, the area leading to the enclosure or container shall be kept clear of snow and ice at the customer’s expense. The City shall, at its discretion, determine whether the snow and ice have been cleared sufficiently or service may be suspended.
  • The City shall not be responsible for damage to enclosures or containers that are not designed or constructed in accordance with the standards in the Code.
    • Service may be suspended for enclosures or containers that are in a state of disrepair which may cause unsafe conditions for the collection personnel.
    • The City may relocate the container or place an alternate type of container without prior approval from the customer if the City deems that the location of the container is unsafe and risks damage to private property, City property, or injury to City collection personnel.
    • Maintenance of the enclosure and privately owned containers shall be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Containers shall be loaded so that the closed lid shall be level with the container’s rim. Refuse spills around the container shall be cleaned by the customer. The City may require an increase in service frequency and/or container capacity as a condition of service where containers are routinely overfilled.
  • City-owned containers in need of repairs due to normal wear and tear shall be repaired or replaced at the City’s discretion upon request of the customer.
  • Privately owned containers shall be the sole responsibility of the owner. Repairs of such containers shall be made within fifteen days of the customer being notified by the City of the needed repairs. In the event that the needed repairs present an endangerment to City employees or agents in the collection of waste, the City may suspend service until the container is repaired or replaced.
  • Front-loading and rear-loading service shall be provided Monday through Friday, including holidays. Saturday service is available for customers requiring six days of service.
  • Roll-off service shall be provided Monday through Friday, including holidays. Requests for temporary changes in collection schedules shall be submitted to the City not less than one week in advance of the requested change.

  • The customer or customer’s representative shall complete a written request to the City for cancellations of service or to request long-term or permanent changes in service.

  • Requests for additional special service may be made by phone to the City during normal business hours, within two City working days of the requested date of service.